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Belarusian sanctions to reduce flow of trains from Lithuania by only 10%

Freight train of Lithuanian Railways /

After the sanctions are imposed, the number of trains from Lithuania through Belarus will be reduced by 45 trains per month to 480-540, reports the news agency BNS, citing the Lithuanian Railways (LZD).

On February 7, Minsk has not allowed trains from Lithuania carrying fertilizers and petroleum products to cross the territory of Belarus. LZD notes that this restriction will reduce the flow of trains to Belarus by slightly more than 10%. They also do not rule out that these trains will be redirected through Poland or Latvia.

In early February, it emerged that the Belarusian authorities were imposing a ban on the transit of particular goods by rail from Lithuania. The decision was taken in response to the suspension of transit of Belarusian potash fertilizers by Lithuania since February 1. They were taken to the port of Klaipeda.

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