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Belarusian joins Forbes Technology Council

Alyaksei Makarau /

A Belarusian has joined Forbes Technical Council, reports. Alyaksei Makarau is one of the founders of the Belarusian IT company Qulix Systems. The Technical Council is an organization comprised of CIO, CTOs and technology executives of international companies. It consists of over 2 thousand members (Huawei, Amazon, Dell, Visa, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Xerox, Uber, PayPal and others). The council members discuss business issues on the platform and write technical and business articles and Forbes. Membership in this structure grants access to the information and expertise accumulated by colleagues from other cities and countries.

Candidates wishing to join Forbes Technical Council must be leading CTOs of companies having representative offices in the USA. Their annual income should be at least $5 million.