Belarusian industry needs 12 months to replace Tetra Pak

Juices in Tetra Pak packaging in a Belarusian store / Euroradio
Juices in Tetra Pak packaging in a Belarusian store / Euroradio

Belarusian enterprises continue to experience problems with packaging. It is impossible to replace the Tetra Pak that left due to sanctions "overnight", as Lukashenka demanded. This is impossible.

"At the moment, many factories have already carried out tests of products since the Tetra Pak package provides the freshness of the product for 6, 9, and 12 months. The tests assume that the product is preserved for these months plus another 20-30%. Therefore, replacing the packaging overnight is impossible,” says Vadzim Shahoika, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food.

According to him, replacing the Tetra Pak with another packaging company is far from complete. Refinement, negotiations, and the theoretical possibility of cooperation is on the table, but the minister does not mention something more serious: "The packaging suitable for our equipment is being finalized. This is a live process, it is being resolved, and there are no critical issues at the moment. Negotiations are underway with suppliers of the packaging. There are plants [for the production of Tetra Pak] in Russia, and there are plans to build a plant in Belarus. In principle, we are no longer looking to the West."

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