Belarusian enterprises are still on vacations


A lot of the country’s big enterprises have not started functioning after the Christmas season. “Integral”, “BATE”, “Luch” and Dobrush paper-mill do not work. There are different reasons for it: vacations in Russia, working on Saturdays instead of some weekdays and, naturally, the crisis. The crisis and internal problems have suspended the work of Minsk scientific association “Integral” till January 12, as ERB has found out in the enterprise’s reception.

"Integral": We will be on vacations till January 12. It is partially connected with the crisis and with internal problems. It usually happens before the New Year’s Day. We have 5, 7 or 8 days-off every Christmas season.

Employees of the watch plant “Luch” will be on vacations till the Orthodox Christmas. However, they will have to work a few Saturdays because of it.

"Luch": Workers engaged in making reports and stock-taking have got down to work today. The rest will come to work on January 8 because January 5 and 6 will be compensated for on Saturdays. It has been done for our people. You know, the majority of our staff are women and their children will be on vacations till January 7.

Minsk plants “Atlant”, “Horizont” and the Worsted industrial complex are not responding to phone calls.

The same thing is observed at big Brest enterprises an ERB reporter Yullyan Navumik has tried to phone. According to him, many workers have had to go on vacations at their own expense and some plants have changed to the four-day week. This is what Yullyan Navumik told us on the phone.

Yullyan Navumіk: Voice mail is turned on at the leading Brest industrial enterprises – “Gazaaparat”, the electric-bulb and electromechanical plants and “Tsvetotron”. According to our information, the majority of state enterprises have made their workers go on vacations till January 7 (January 12 at the electric-bulb plant) at their own expense. “Selmash” works four days a week and the household chemical goods plant is planning to change to the four-day week in February. Independent enterprises and food and construction industry plants work full-time.

A similar situation can be observed in Baranavichy. Our reporter Ivan Yurashchyk informs:

Іvan Yurashchyk: One of the main city enterprises - “Cotton factory” that has about 3 thousand employees – has announced vacations until January 12. The vacations are at the workers expense. They are forbidden to produce goods and accumulate them in stock. The biggest enterprise – “Atlant” that produced refrigerator compressors and exported them all over the world – was suspended on December 24. The vacations will last till January 12.

“Electronic Barysau” website informs that the plant whose name is well known to all Belarusians – “Belarusian tractor electrical equipment plant” or BATE will be suspended till January 12. Employees of the plant told ERB that the vacations were at their own expense.

BATE: People applied for vacations at their own expense. Some of them did it, others didn’t. However, there are no official vacations.

Vacations in Russia have also influenced the schedule of Dobrush paper-mill. The factory will go on vacations till January 12 because most of its clients are Russian organizations.

Dobrush paper-mill: We are on vacations till January 11. It is connected with the fact that the majority of our clients are Russians. And vacations are announced in Russia now.

Vacations in Mahileu and Pinsk are already over.  Our reporters Yuras Vitaliyeu and Hleb Paulouski inform about it.

Yuras Vіtalyeu: The main enterprises have started working this Monday – “Liftmash”, “Stroimash” and “Technaprybor”. Kirov plant will be suspended till January 8 but the weekdays were compensated for on Saturdays in December.

Hleb Paulouskі: "Pinskdrev" works full-time. “Palesse” specializing in stockinet production has also started functioning after the holidays.

We will soon find out what influence the vacations will exercise on the Belarusian industry.

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