Belarusian band Gurzuph qualifies for The Global Battle of The Bands finals in London

The Belarusian band Gurzuph on December 6 advanced for the first time in history to the super finals of The Global Battle of The Bands song contest in London.

The band comprises only two musicians -- Yahor Zabelau and Artsyom Zaleski who play an accordeon and percussions. On the way back from England, the band stopped by in Warsaw to give several concerts there.

28 countries participated in the final stages of the festival.

“It was a very serious festival. 28 participants from different parts of the world -- Europe, Asia, Australia and even Africa. The festival lasted for three days"”.

The Belarusian musicians were very impressed with the quality of the sound and a band from Japan.

“We had the best impression after listening to a band from Japan. They too are a duet, playing the bass guitar and flute”.