Belarusfilm pays $120 thousand to Russian filmmaker, no film shot


Well-known filmmaker and script writer Andrei Kureichyk has congratulated his colleagues on the Belarusian Cinema Day. He has uploaded the photos of Belarusfilm’s contracts with Yegor Konchalovski and his assistant to Facebook. According to the contract, the Russian filmmaker was supposed to shoot the film Traces on Water. Konchalovksi was supposed to get $140 thousand and his assistant - $60 thousand. Yet, the only full-length film produced by the Belarusian film studio in 2017 was shot by Belarusian filmmaker Alyaksandr Anisimau. Yegor Konchalovski is not even mentioned in the credits. However, the documents testify to the fact that the Russian did get about $125 thousand. Part of the money was paid after he had sent a private letter of complaints to Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

Filmmaker and script writer Andrei Kureichyk has shared information about the official celebration of the Belarusian Cinema Day with Euroradio. He has commented on the achievements we can expect from the Belarusian cinema and explained whether Belarusfilm is going to shoot another Abel or focus on the shooting of Russian TV series. He also explained where he got the documents about Konchalovski’s contract.