Belarus wants to refuse from directive economic planning

Беларусь мае намер адмовіцца ад дырэктыўнай сістэмы планавання эканомікі

Belarus is going to refuse from the directive economic planning and switch to the indicative planning. It means that the state will have to stop making the Ministries and enterprises stick to plans.


The bill may be considered by the Belarusian Parliament at the autumn session together with other documents (such as the budget). It will denote the economic policy of 2016, BelaPAN refers to its own sources.


Head of the House of Representatives Uladzimir Andreichanka drew attention to the necessity of switching to the indicative economic planning when opening the autumn session of the Belarusian Parliament on October 2.


“The income and profitability should be the top priority. The indicative economic planning is supposed to help enterprises, braches of economy and regions use their competitiveness better and realize their export potential,” Andreichanka said.