Belarus' Supreme Court forbids Belsat's name

It has been forbidden to use the name of Belsat on the website accessible by Belarusian users too. Moreover, the court has fined the defendant for 9 998 000 roubles, Radio Liberty reports.

Owner of the Belarusian company BELSATplus Andrei Belyakou sued Telewizja Polska S.A., owner of the trademark Belsat. The trials started in May 2013. Belyakou claimed that his company specializing in selling satellites and cable TV systems was suffering losses because its name was used by the TV channel.   

The Supreme Court rejected Belyakou’s appeal on January 27, 2014 because he had presented no proof of his exclusive rights for the trademark. However, the presidium of the Supreme Court decided to reconsider Belyakou’s appeal in connection with the insufficient study of evidence available in the case.