Belarus Partisan: KGB generals would be released?


Official sources have failed to either confirm or denounce the reports that KGB generals Stsyapan Sukharenka and Vasil Dzemiatsey had been detained, following the resignation of Sukharenka from the post of the KGB chairman. The web-based investigative newspaper Belarus Partisan which was the first to report the news on Friday, suggests that events could follow two possible scenarios. Firstly, officials would wait with the statement for ten days when official charges against the former leaders of the Belarus's secret service would be presented.

However, one should not rule out that their detention was an action of intimidation and that the generals would be soon released. In this case, the detention of Sukharenka and Dzemiatsey would be officially denounced.

Belarus Partisan's sources name two versions for the generals' arrest. According to the first version, the generals were arrested to prevent them from escaping to Russia (possibly not empty-handed).

According to the second version, they were detained because KGB started destroying documents and files right after the dismissal of Sukharenka and Dzemiatsey.