Belarus increases import of milk from Poland by 30 times

According to the AFN with reference to the National Statistical Committee, in the first 8 months of 2014, Belarus has imported milk and cream from Poland for more than 3 million dollars. It is 30 times more than during the 8 months of 2013. In quantitative terms, imports increased by 49 times - up to 1456 tons. At the same time, in August alone Belarus imported 929 tons for 1,643,000 dollars. 

At the same time Belarus imports raw milk from Russia as well. Imports of milk and cream from Russia for 8 months was 968 tons (1.8 times more than in January-August 2013) for the amount of 2.2 million dollars. 

In 8 months Belarus exported to Russia 206,000 tons of milk and cream at $180 million. But total exports of dairy products in Russia for 8 months of 2014 decreased compared to the same period last year. Foreign exchange receipts from exports of condensed milk and cream and dry for these 8 months decreased to 424.4 million dollars. During the same period last year, it was 548.5 million dollars. 

And it's not about the fall of the ruble. Decline in exports occurred in physical volumes - from 154,400 tons in 8 months of 2013 to 108.2 thousand tons in 8 months of this year.

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