Belarus to impose criminal liability for animal abuse

This was said to BELTA by a member of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on legislation Natallia Guyvik

"During the fall session it is planned to consider the bill supplementing the Criminal Code Article 339-1. It establishes criminal liability for cruelty to animals. This norm was proposed by the deputies of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Law and the General Prosecutor's Office," Natallia Guyvik explained. 

The new article of the Criminal Code consists of two parts. The first part provides for a punishment of community service, arrest, correctional labor (up to one year), the penalty for cruelty towards animals, which led to their death or injury, done out of hooligan, selfish or other purposes or in the presence of a minor. If the same actions are committed repeatedly or by a group of persons, the punishment, respectively, will be more severe. It could even be imprisonment.