Belarus has not presented a single Eastern partnership project yet


A representative of the European Commission Christina Hohmann has told ERB that the programme “Eastern Partnership” continues and is not going to be “frozen”.
Not a single participant of the EU’s programme “Eastern partnership” has presented its financial projects to the commission.

Christina Hohmann, press secretary of the European Commissioner for External Relations Benita Ferrero-Waldner, told it in an interview with ERB.  She noted that the programme continued and was not going to be “frozen”.

Let us remind you that every member state of “Eastern Partnership” (Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Armenia) may present its projects of financing of certain industries and then the European Commission will decide how much money should be allocated to a certain country for particular things.

Christina Hohmann: “It is necessary to render individual projects of different countries in accordance with the plan of actions. That is why we do not have a budget yet because we have to find out which projects are needed first”.

Meanwhile, many mass media reported that the programme “Eastern Partnership” would be frozen on July 2. The rumours appeared after the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt claimed that the programme was not apriority for Sweden during its presidency in the EU.

According to Christina Hohmann, all the problems appeared because of the misinterpretation of the words of the Swedish Prime Minister.

Christina Hohmann: “He commented on the priorities of the Swedish presidency. Then a question arose: “Does “Eastern partnership” is among the priorities?” and the Prime Minister responded: “taking into account that our priority is control over the financial crisis and struggle against the global warming, “Eastern Partnership” will continue but it is not a top priority of the Swedish presidency”.

Ms. Hohmann noted that the EU presidency of Sweden does not allow it to change European programme on its own.

“This is not an individual decision of a country. This is a suggestion of the Commission and now it is the policy of the European Union”, - said the press secretary to ERB.

Photo by: RIA “Novosti”