Belarus FM accuses former Soviet allies of betrayal

Макей обвинил бывших союзников по СССР в предательстве
Uladzimir Makei / Belarusian Foreign Ministry

Foreign Minister of Belarus Uladzimir Makei has accused the former Soviet allies of betrayal. On April 1, he spoke at the opening of a photo exhibition about the Day of Unity of the peoples of Belarus and Russia. 

"Today, however bitter it is to say it, I emphasize once again that I speak simply as a man, but Belarus and Russia are left almost alone with those trying to impose their will on these states. I am amazed to watch how, in difficult times, a part of this invincible Soviet people asked for help from Russia and Belarus, and these states rendered them this help. And at a difficult moment for our countries, this part of the invincible Soviet people declared that they would not be "in one basket" with Russia and Belarus. It's not a complaint by any means. It's just a statement of facts," said Makei.

Makei did not specify who he was referring to, but most likely, he was talking about  Kazakhstan, Belarus' partner in the military bloc (CSTO). There was a "peacekeeping operation" in early 2022, followed by no support for the invasion of Ukraine.

"When discussing the situation around Ukraine, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted the utter importance of reaching compromise agreements during the negotiations," the press service of the president of Kazakhstan reported on March 2. This unambiguously determined the side Kazakhstan had taken in the conflict.


Makei also metaphorically said that it is better to be executed for fidelity, saying that he didn't remember the source of this phrase. This phrase is attributed to Putin, who in the propaganda film "Putin" talked about Anatoly Sobchak losing the mayor's post to Vladimir Yakovlev. 

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