Belarus farmers to grow oranges, lemons

Belarus president Alexander Lukashenka tells farmers on Thursday to start growing oranges and lemons in Belarus during a televised video conference on the harvesting campaign with the cabinet members and regional governors.

"Are we not capable of growing garlic?" lamented Alexander Lukashenka.
"We have all the possibilities to grow all plant cultures that are known in the world. I was convinced by it during my visit to Oman," he said.

"Who said that it is loss-making to grow oranges and lemons in Belarus today? Or salad or peppers? You'd better try first and then talk. Why whould we need to waste hard currency?" Lukashenka asked.

"This old-fashion approach by some officials in the agricultural sector needs to be rooted out", Lukashenka summed up on the topic of exotic fruit farming in the country's greenhouses.

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