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Belarus delegation officially banned to stage public actions at Olympic Games

Andrei Fomochkin at the Olympic Games in Rio with a Russian flag. Photo:

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has issued a formal warning to the Belarus delegation in a move to prevent repetition of the 2016 Rio Paralympics incident. During the 2016 opening ceremony, Belarusian sport official Andrei Fomochkin came out holding a Russian flag in protest against the disqualification of Team Russia, reports Pressball.

The head of Belarus Paralympic Committee Aleh Shepel told Pressball that the Belarus delegation is banned from organizing any public events even in a hotel outside the Olympic Village.

"This is a condition for hotel accommodation - for the first time ever in history! Well, I am not sure that the warning was sent only to us or all other delegations," Shepel said.

Shepel also reiterated that he supported what Fomochkin did. It was to support the athletes that were not allowed to take part in the Games without justification.