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Belarus' birthrate remains downward in 2017


14000 babies less were born in Belarus in 2017 compared to 2016. The problem Euroradio wrote about back in October has finally become obvious to the authorities.

The former Healthcare Minister and currently Vice Prime Minister Vasil Zharko explained when visiting the Mother and Child National Reproduction Center in Minsk that the drop in the birthrate is caused by "the decline in the number of fertile-age women."

In the view of the Vice Premier, this is not the only reason behind the birthrate decline. Vasil Zharko also complained that women either do not want to give birth or are not ready to have more than one child. The situation is turning into a huge problem for the reproduction of population.

Every family in Belarus currently has on average 1.7 children. The Vice Premier reckons "there should be more than two."