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Belarus becomes popular destination for Western tourists


"Interest in Belarus from western countries is huge – Poland, Baltic states, in the first place. Additionally, travel agencies and [Belarusian national airline] Belavia have managed to attract weekend tourists from Finland. We expect the number of Finnish visitors to increase three- or even four-fold. Groups from Denmark and Norway are also on the rise. Once a potential market, Scandinavia is quickly becoming a target audience for Belarus,” Filip Huly, chairman at the Belarusian Tourism Industry Union told reporters in Minsk on 4 February.

Filip Huly /

Last year, four large British tour operators showed interest in Belarus, while three big newspapers – Financial Times, Daily Mail and Metro – published tourism guides on Belarus.

Belarusian tourism companies expect significant growth in the number of holiday-making groups from the United Kingdom. Filip Huly says the contracts have already been signed, adding that interest in Belarus is increasing faster than the quality of the hospitality industry.

“On the one hand, this is excellent, because people are coming. On the other hand, the challenge remains how to consolidate resources and deliver,” Huly stresses.