Beauty salon staff earn least in Belarus

The average salary of Belarusians in April was BYN1,074 rubles or $516. It is the accrued amounts before taxes. However, on average the Belarusian receives BYN924, reports quoting the official statistics.

In April, specialists in the IT sector had the highest salaries with an average of BYN4,881 or BYN393 less than in March. High salaries are also earned by the employees of passenger air transport and support activities in the field of financial services and insurance - BYN2,495.

The average salary in the country is earned by workers in the wholesale and retail trade of motor vehicles and motorcycles (BYN1,000), employees of the organizations repairing them earn BYN1,570. Specialists in the field of technical sciences, architecture, in the field of freight rail transport as well as in construction and industry earn more than BYN1,000.

The lowest salaries are paid to hairdressers and beauty salon staff  - BYN555, cultural workers earn BYN576, while social workers receive BYN578. In April, on average, public health workers earned BYN810, BYN729 was the average salary in education, and BYN760 were earned in agriculture and fisheries.