Bearded men’s heat in Hrodna (photo)

Bearded men ran across Hrodna on September 14. It was the beginning of the celebration of the City Day. The 888th anniversary will be marked on September 17, BELTA reports.

The distance was 888 metres. Bearded men ran along Soviet Street situated between Hrodna’s main squares – Soviet and Lenin Squares.

More than 3 dozen people took part in the heat. The oldest man was close to the pension age and the youngest participant was 6 years old. The organizers allowed everyone to wear false breads if necessary.

Dzmitry Varabyou won the heat. He runs twice a week and would be glad to take part in some other heats, he said.

The owner for the longest and most creative bread was also chosen there.

Similar heats will be organized in the future as people are interested in such events, the organizers said.