Basowiszcza winners to be chosen without open air selection tour


The new Belarusian bands contest will be conducted on the Internet this year. The winner will take part in the festival Basowiszcza . Applications will be accepted until the end of May.

“People willing to take part in the contest will need to send us two .mp3 audio files and an .avi video file so that we could see how the band looks on stage. It can be a concert record too,” Basowiszcza press coordinator Ilona Karpyuk explained.

The organizers will choose one winner during the first week. The winner will take part in Basowiszcza -2013 and receive prize money.

The festival organizers are studying the degree of people’s interest in the open air and are trying to predict the number of visitors at Basowiszcza -2013. Thus they will know how many free visas should be given out by the Polish consulate.

“We know that the Polish Embassy will provide festival visas,” Ilona Karpyuk said. “It is still not clear how many visas will be available though.”

The organizers have not explained how they will monitor whether free visa owners will attend the festival or simply go shopping.

Pomidor/OFF, Perkalaba, Orkiestra Klezmerska Teatru Sejneńskiego, Akute, Dzieciuki, The Toobes, Indios Bravos, Re1ikt, Masala, Vinsent and Zabelov & Kinior will take part in Basowiszcza-2013. The festival will be held in the border town Gorodok  on July 19 and 20.