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Basketball: Ex-CEO Tsmoki-Minsk strands trial


Ex-CEO of basketball club Tsmoki-Minsk Kanstantsin Sharavera is standing trail in Minsk Maskouski District Court.


According to SB. Belarus Today, he is accused of major misappropriation and power abuse. Sharavera created a scheme when players agreed on certain wages verbally while the sums indicated in their contracts were much higher. The CEO took the extra money from players’ bank cards himself. He gave the players the money that they had agreed on verbally.

For example, Andrei Kuzmin received $3 thousand a month from Sharavera. However, his official monthly wage was $4.5 thousand. The scheme was used with other sportsmen too. Alyaksandr Kul received $4 thousand a month while his official wage was $7 thousand, Andrei Kryvanos received 2000 dollars instaed of 3000, and Dzyanis Korshuk – 5000 instead of 6000 dollars.


The CEO stole over 7 billion roubles, investigators think.