Barodka on Sannikau’s statement: They asked to give back Belarusian House


Leader of the civil campaign European Belarus Andrei Sannikau announced that Zmister Barodka was not a coordinator anymore on Monday. The reason for it was “the loss of trust”. Andrei Sannikau did not report any other details. 

Zmitser Barodka regrets that “he could not agree with people he had been working with for 12 years”, he told Euroradio.  He meant the Belarusian House in Warsaw (Barodka is its co-director).

 Barodka: “I had to leave for Poland after the notorious events of December 19, 2010. I created two foundations here – European Belarus and the Belarusian House in Warsaw (created together with the Movement For Freedom). When the leaders of European Belarus  Zmitser Bandarenka and Andrei Sannikau were released, they asked me to give them European Belarus and the Belarusian House in Warsaw back.  I complete agree with the former as I do not have any right for the brand. I started preparing the necessary documents. I will give European Belarus back to Sannikau and his team.”

However, Barodka does not want o give the Belarusian House to European Belarus. It was decided that it should become a centre for different Belarusian political and civil organizations “for all Belarusians leaving abroad”, he said.

In the photo: Zmitser Barodka (on the left) at an even in the Belarusian House in Warsaw.