Baranavichy Creative Circle is not allowed to hold meetings in Cultural Centre


Members of Baranavichy creative circle “Svyatlitsa” have sent an open letter to the head of Baranavichy City Executive Committee. They have not been allowed to gather in the local Cultural House. Its administration informed that the problem could not be solved without the City Executive Committee’s permission. It could only be done on condition they paid the rent (“Svyatlitsa” members used to gather there for free for the past 10 years).

At the same time the appeal says that the circle has neither a bank account nor money and many its members are elderly people or pupils.

“The Cultural Centre has to provide services for all creative people of our town”, - is said in the letter.

Baranavichy painters are collecting signatures for their own appeal to the town’s authorities.

They demand that their works presented at contests should be discussed by an independent jury and that all inscriptions under paintings in the show room should be in Belarusian.

Ales Lіtouchyk, European Radio for Belarus, Baranavіchy