Authorities okay Belarusian-language kindergartens in Hrodna


Igar Kuzminich, the chairman of the parents' committee in Hrodna, today met with the local officials from the education department who eventually agreed to open several Belarusian-language groups in a kindergarten.

Kuzminich told the European Radio for Belarus that the meeting was very positive.

“I was told that there was a very realistic possibility to open one group for children of a different age. But since the number of childen in our group rose from 13 to 19 people within one week, we decided that that we should wait and see where whether it would grow more. It will be possible then to set up several groups".

Kuzminich also said that the city hall also decided to advertise the Belarusian-language kindergarten groups on behalf of the government. The text of the ads would soon be approved and forwarded to the parents' committee.