Authorities cancel all-out pro-Lukashenka rally in Minsk

Workers are disassembling a stage in Independence Square in Minsk / Euroradio

Workers are seen disassembling the stage in Independence Square, which was prepared for a rally in support of Aliaksandr Lukashenka, scheduled to take place over the weekend.

Beginning from Monday, reports came from all around Belarus that people from state-run enterprises and organizations were forced to attend the pro-Lukashenka rally in Minsk. Reports suggested that in some cases people were offered extra money or threatened with sacking or other sanctions for refusal to participate

On Thursday, the head of official Trade Union Federation Mikhail Orda confirmed the rally was on schedule, adding the event must show "who is the master in this country!"

The stage is also being dismantled in another location, near the Stele 

Nasha Niva reports that the rally has been canceled indeed due to coronavirus.

"The deteriorating epidemiological situation in the country is the number one reason," says a comment obtained by Nasha Niva. According to the commentators, the authorities have decided to cancel the event because "they are protecting the population" over fears that the number of cases may soar. 

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