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Programmer fired after launching website to monitor official promises


The creator of the website is jobless. Pavel Savitski created a website which monitors the promises made by Belarusian politicians, officials or athletes and tracks their progress. He launched it on Wednesday, January 17. 

The administration of his organization asked him to quit his job one day after the launch, reports. For instance, the website contains the promise made by Minister of Transport Anatol Sivak that the public transport fare would not go up in 2017. That promise was not kept. The website also monitors the promises made by President Alyaksandr Lukashenka or opposition politician Yuras Hubarevich

The website has the following sections: New Promises,  Fulfilled, Not Fulfilled and Persons. There is also a section that gathers the promises that are supposed to be fulfilled soon. There are about 70 examples on the website.

Saviski worked in a construction company. The administration asked him to leave after he had made the website. “They simply asked me to quit, we had been talking for about an hour. They explained that they did not want to employ me anymore because I could cause problems for them. The administration asked me to quit the job,” he said.

Pavel agreed to leave because he had been thinking about quitting the job for about a year anyway. He is going to look for a job in the IT sector because he has been studying programming for 2 years.