Lukashenka's aide: Decent salary for Belarusians is $3,000/month


Answering the question of Dean of the BSU International Relations Department about how much money is needed for happiness and what well-being is for Belarus, Assistant Head of State for Economic Affairs Kiryl Rudy said that the salaries should be compared with the scale of prices. 

"If we're talking about food, the consumer basket, the things that we want to buy, then salary in the region of $3,000 is a decent one ... I'll tell you now for whom," Kiryl Rudy paused to think. Responding to the laughter in the audience and addressing the BSU rector Syargei Ablameyka, assistant to the president added: "It seems to me that for Syargei Uladzimiravich, as rector and academic,this will not be enough." 

Responding to questions from students, Kiryl Rudy also said that after leaving the business sphere for the civil service, his wages fell significantly. In this regard, he recalled an episode during one of the meetings, which took place 2-3 months after he took the position of assistant to the head of state. 

"The president told me to stand up and said: We have a young man who worked in business, went mad and came to us. Why did you come to us? And I said: You know, it's interesting. So, I lost five times in wages, but I am interested in doing it," said Kiryl Rudy. 

Kiryl Rudy was appointed Assistant to the President in Economic Affairs in the summer of 2013. Prior to his appointment he served as Deputy General Director of Bel Huawei Technologies, BelaPAN informs.

In August 2014, the average salary in Belarus amounted to 6,360,000 rubles. However, statistics show that in August almost 40% of workers received wages of less than 5 million rubles. 

Photo - Reuters