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Are Belarusian authorities lying about detaining BYPOL members?

What's wrong with "Peramoha"? / collage by Ulad Rubanau, Euroradio

Belarusian security forces have been reporting on the detention of people who are allegedly involved in resistance to the regime. In one of the police videos, a man who was shot in the leg by the security forces said that he wrote to the Peramoha bot and received his sabotage assignment.

Does BYPOL see such detentions and still send partisans to be slaughtered?

"Each group is given the most detailed instructions on how to proceed. If they adhere to them, the likelihood [of failure] is reduced to almost zero," the BYPOL representative told Euroradio. "Separately, we should mention the cases when citizens signed up to fake bots of the Peramoha plan and were detained. Such chatbots are under the control of the dictator's secret services. In addition, some of the allegedly detained citizens are regime fakes created for propaganda purposes. These videos feature the dictator's secret services agents, who also contacted us. We know who they are".

Law enforcement officers storm an "extremist" car / Interior Ministry of Belarus

"We ask all Belarusian society to stop listening to propaganda!" continues the BYPOL representative. "Every day, they detain people who have nothing to do with BYPOL and the Peramoha plan. They force them, under torture, to record repentant videos about what they didn't do.

There has been a wave of detentions of train drivers and citizens who were previously in the "Riot" database of the Belarusian Interior Ministry and those previously convicted of criminal offenses. We cannot disclose how many people were detained who were enrolled in the SAC [Situation and Analytical Center] plan for security reasons. This would give the regime additional evidence, which would harm the fate of detained citizens.

The regime is afraid of the Peramoha plan, so it is throwing many forces at us. However, we will continue to work on the agenda. We have a single goal -- to defeat the Lukashenka regime". 

Unprofessional underground members

Items the Interior Ministry shows as evidence of guerrilla activity / Interior Ministry of Belarus

Partisans detained by security forces do not look like special forces. Why does the initiative select for actions people who have little to do not only with subversion but even with the military?

"The people selected are seeking a better future for their country, who are ready to sacrifice their freedom, and even their lives, for this cause. And by the way, these are strong in their civilian positions, have the high intellectual capacity and sufficient skills to carry out tasks of this kind," says the representative of BYPOL to Euroradio. "Finally, we believe that every Belarusian should fight for our country's independence. Most of the plan participants are civilians". 

Report on the plan

What have Peramoha participants done in recent months?

"More than 200 thousand caring citizens, including those who were ready for active actions even without waiting for the launch of the "Peramoha" plan, was registered in the "Peramoha" plan," says the ex-policemen. Note that the "Peramoha" plan was developed so that people could act in peaceful conditions when no Russian troops would be present in Belarus. The SAC adjusted its activities because of the aggression of Belarus against Ukraine".

Burnt signal box on the railroad / Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs

"As a result of the activities of caring citizens, it became impossible to quickly and efficiently transport military equipment and weapons from the territory of Russia," continues the representative of BYPOL. "As a result of the aggression on independent Ukraine by the dictatorial regimes of Belarus and Russia, caring citizens throughout the country, where military equipment of the aggressor was observed, began carrying out actions that would make it impossible to kill Ukrainian civilians from the territory of Belarus."

At the moment, we are amending the plan for the conditions of the occupation of our country. Russia has moved about 85% of the equipment from Belarus, but we know from history that the Russian army enters the country quickly and leaves very hard. So we have to take this factor into account. You can read about our successes on our telegram channel and our YouTube channel".

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