Another "forced draftee" ends up in hospital


Ivan Shyla, a member of Malady Front who was forcefully drafted into the Belarusian army, has been admitted to a hospital in Lepel after he complained about back problems.  Uladzimir Shyla, the father of the young activist, told the European Radio for Belarus that Ivan was a frequent guest at the military medical station. The father has no information about the results of the examination at the hospital in Lepel, because he has a limited communication with his son.

Uladzimir Shyla says he will join his son in writing to Beltelecom so that a public phone be installed in the military unit. It is a shame to lack a proper communication in the 21st century.

Before being drafted, Ivan Shyla was referred for check-ups in a hospital, but was unable to complete the examination. Nevertheless, the military officials declared Shyla fit for the military service and the youngster was drafted into the army.

The other two youth activists, recently forcefully drafted into the army, have also been having health problems. Zmitser Fedaruk was diagnosed with varicose veins, while Franak Vyachorka has heart problems.