Another Belarusian aircraft brought down in Somali


One more Belarusian aircraft has been brought down in Somali. A missile hit the wing of an Il-76 when it was taking off at the International airport of Magadish (two more missiles just passed by it). A local radio station informed about it and Somali authorities confirmed it later. According to Reuters, there was a great explosion when the aircraft fell on the ground. It is still unknown whether there are any victims.

It is reported that the aircraft transported engineers and equipment needed to repair another Belarusian aircraft Il-76 that was fired on during the landing at the beginning of March (there were no victims at that time).

There were 11 people on board of the airplane brought down recently. Besides Belarusians, there could also be Russian citizens in the aircraft, reports the web site with reference to the peacekeeping forces of the African Union.

Let us remind you that Somali has been in a state of civil war for two years.

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