Anonymous alcoholics to plant "Soberness Alley" in Hlybokaye district


An "alley of soberness" will be planted on October 7 in the village of Mosar, Hlybokaye district in the Vitsebsk region. The project is spearheaded by Juozas Bulka, the local Roman Catholic priest. Pastor Bulka said the representatives from the anonymous alcoholics societies from Vitsebsk, Hlybokaye, Minsk and other cities from across Belarus will arrive to attend the ceremony. At 10 a.m. a prayer will be served next to the installed crosses -- both the Catholic and Russian Orthodox. After the prayer, participants will plant the trees.

According to the priest, "on this alley which means a sober lifestyle", everyone can plant a tree not only for him or herself but also for their relatives and friends that suffer from drinking.

The 300m-long alley will be located in a picturesque locations near River Morgva banks that flows in the vicinity of the cathedral. Stones with inscriptions about the danger of alcohol will be mounted nearby.

In the future, the priest wants to open a cafe to serve only alcohol-free drinks, fruits and confectionaries, reports Belapan.