Andrei Kureychyk leaves town for good

Belarus's renowned play writer Andrei Kureychyk has relocated together with his wife and three-year-old son to a village some 40 km off the capital Minsk. Kureychyk's spokesperson Aliaksandra Barysava told reporters it was a surprise decision for his relatives and friends.

Barysava said Kureychyk stopped teaching his master class at the Lyceum of the Belarus State University and refused to take part in the Theater On-Line festival currently in Minsk. He also changed his phone numbers and stopped talking to the most of his friends, reports Belapan.

Kureychyk has declined a comment on this decision. He only said that "solitude in a village is a volunary decision which is connected with creative plans". The popular young play writer plans to live in the village most of the time.