Americans and Russians may help investigate the blast

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has thanked the USA and Russia for their support in the issue of investigation of the circumstances of the explosion that took place in Minsk on July 4.
"More then a dozen Russian specialists are already helping us. General Bortnikov (Alexander Bortnikov is the head of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) offered me his help immediately”, - said the President during his visit to a historical and cultural complex “Stalin’s line” on July 5.

A. Lukashenka also expressed his gratitude to the USA for the offered assistance – first of all, for technical assistance. The President has ordered Belarusian defense and law enforcement agencies to use this assistance when it is necessary. “It will be a helpful exchange of experience, contacts and first of all, it will be a good way to solve technical issues”, - inform official sources quoting Lukashenka.

The leader of the state also stressed that the government was not going to use the explosion to exercise pressure on the opposition, report official sources.