Alyaksandr Milinkevich’s speech at “European March”


The leader of the movement “For freedom” Alyaksandr Milinkevich has made a speech for participants of “The European March” today. His press service distributed its brief contents: “Citizens of Belarus! We have marched today. We have overcome fear.
Fear is like mercury. It is spilt all over our country. It has poisoned our souls.
But it’s not enough to win once.

We should go along central avenues together to demonstrate our love of our Motherland, our will for Freedom and our European choice.

Manifestations are the most effective way of fighting for freedom. We will not get anything sitting at home. We have to go out as many times as it is needed to free ourselves and our people.

There is no other way. We have to fight for Freedom; we have to deserve it like other European peoples did.

Away with doubts! Strength is in unity!

The authorities have detained dozens of people in the capital and in regions because it is the uprising of the regions that they fear most. They fear mass manifestations. But those people are with us in their thoughts.

[...] Guys and girls! Listen to your conscience, be good and fear nothing.

Friends of Belarus arrived to Minsk from different countries of Europe on October 14. Thank you!
I’m appealing to those who have not managed to overcome their fear yet, to those who have not cleansed themselves from lies. We are one nation. We have equal rights and a common future.

We are Europeans! We are masters of the country and a source of power. Support the European choice of Belarus! It is the only way to the health of our grand-children, good education for our children and welfare already achieved by other nations of Central Europe.

Everyone will benefit from freedom, even those who fear it now.

We are central Europeans. And we announce – Belarus lived and will live!”