Alyaksandr Hleb again shares his girlfriend's photo online

Belarusian football player Alyaksandr Hleb has uploaded a new photo of his girlfriend on Instagram. He put a heart above the photo. The Belarusian football player has been dating the mysterious brunette for several months. He uploaded the first photos on Instagram at the beginning of autumn.


Alyaksandr Hleb is 34 years old. He is the best known Belarusian football player. He played in Stuttgart, Arsenal and Barcelona. Hleb is a BATE player now. He married Anastasiya Kasyankova, soloist of the band Topless, in 2008 but they parted in 2014.

Photo: Facebook, Instagram

А гэта ранейшы здымак, які ў пачатку восені з'явіўся ў Instagram.