Alyaksandr Dabravolski is interrogated in connection with Minsk blast


A member of the political council of the United Civil Party Alyaksandr Dabravolski has been interrogated by KGB in connection with the explosion in Minsk. According to him, special police services were interested in the possible connection of a former member of an unregistered organization “Right Alliance” Yury Karetnikau with explosion in Minsk.

Dabravolskі confirmed that he and Karentnikau had been in a summer university in Strasbourg on July 4. It was organized by the Eastern European School of political research.

Dabravolski also stressed that “Karetnikau was not an adherent of violence”. A member of the political council of the UCP Valyantsin Palevikou and a BNF activist Alyaksandr Sharafanovich who were in Strasbourg too have also been interrogated.