Lukashenka with son Mikalai attend 'Kupala Night in Alexandria' (photo, video)

Alyaksandr and Mikalai Lukashenka took part in the Kupala Night celebrations in the Shklou District. This year, the annual festival "Alexandria gathers friends" was held in the rain. The president spoke about 'the sacred connection with one’s native heath, ancestors and one another.' "Kupala Night reminds us about the humble joys of living one can only access when they slow down their pace of life," he said. "It is key that everyone went back to the origins," Lukashenka stressed.

"We should stick to this small world where our life began," the president’s press service quotes Lukashenka as saying. "This world is our fern flower. It brings us strength, support and happiness. This is our amulet."