All those I became


What is a woman? A multifaced bitch or an
all-round person?

Photographs by Motornina can help answer the
question. On her birthday, she makes you a present – an exhibition of images
reflecting the nature of female reincarnation.

Says Motornina: "Most of my models are my
friends, or they become my friends after photo sessions. A subject comes to me spontaneously.
Something new happens or I recall something and I have an idea that needs to be
filled with colors. Then I look for a chick that fits in. In all, I have three
permanent models: Anna Kukina, Natallya Krylava and Viktoryya Syalitskaya. They
are absolutely different and the same in their beauty."


"It is not easy to get selected as a model
although there are may people seeking to pose for me. I need a beautiful soul
that amazes me with excellent looks."


I do not have time to put up
exhibitions in Minsk.
I display my works on the Internet ( to stroke my ego!

exhibition will be open at the Belarusian Dramaturgy and Stage Direction
Center, 44 Krapotkina Street,
from 11 a.m.
to 10 p.m. on October 24. Motornina will meet friends and fans at 10 p.m.