Election: Two 'opposition MPs' refused registration as candidates

Alena Anisim and Hanna Kanapatskaya / Euroradio
Alena Anisim and Hanna Kanapatskaya / Euroradio

The signatures collected by both candidates have been rejected as defective.  

Alena Anisim and Hanna Kanapatskaya have not been registered for the parliamentary election campaign. Part of the signatures collected by the only independent MPs has been rejected as defective.

The reason for the refusal to register them is formal – technical inaccuracy, Alena Anisim told Euroradio.

“For instance, some elderly people put their signatures but asked others to write the date… Our signatures are valid, there are no fakes,” Alena Anisim said.  

Three other people who were collecting signatures in Stoubtsu constituency #70 have not bene registered for the same reason, Anisim added. They are Yury Ivanouski, Aleh Karobak and Halina Harodnik. All of them are self-nominees like Alena Anisim.

Alena Anisim and her assistant are preparing to appeal against the decision of the commission on October 18. However, she is not expecting the decision to be changed, Anisim said.

About 20% of the signatures she collected in Minsk Kastrychnitskaya constituency #97 have been rejected as defective due to some inaccuracy, Hanna Kanapatskaya told Euroradio.

Leader of the Movement for Freedom Yury Hubarevich and journalist Iryna Halip have not been registered either.

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