Alekseev presents Eurovision 2018 song

Nikita Alekseyev. Photo: HELLO! Russia

Ukrainian pop singer Nikita Alekseyev who seeks to win Belarus’ national qualification for the Eurovision 2018 song conest has launched his song Forever. The track was composed by Kiril Pavlov and Evgeny Matyshenko

Nikita Alekseyev aka Alekseev, 24 is popular in the post-Soviet states. He used to work with Ukrainian producer Ruslan Kvint. The young artist has thousands of fans in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. His videos get millions of views. Alekseyev has stopped cooperation with Kvint after Ruslan got the job as a composer and musical producer at the national selection tour in Ukraine. He decided to try his luck in Belarus.

The singer will soon present his Forever video shot by Alan Badoyev. Well-known Ukrainian show director Oleg Bondarchuk is Alekseyev’s producer.

The audition is scheduled for January 11. The online broadcast will be available on the website of the Belarusian State Broadcasting Company starting from noon.