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Activist Syarhei Kulinich complains to Prosecutor General's Office against KGB


Syarhei Kulinich, one of the suspects in the ‘riot case’,  has lodged a complaint to the Prosecutor General’s Office, demanding to check facts of bad treatment in KGB custody, Radio Liberty reports.

The activist also wants to get compensation for his imprisonment. Kulinich considers his detention to be a form of harsh and brutal treatment and humiliation that degrades human dignity forbidden by the United Nations Convention against Torture.

A black bag was put on his head at the moment of the arrest which is not allowed by the Criminal Code. KGB members abused their powers, Kulinich reckons.

He was not resisting anyone and did not provoke the KGB members into the usage of physical force and special equipment. That is why the beating is illegal and is a violation of personal immunity, he thinks.

Kulinich was brutally detained soon after he had left Mikalai Statkevich’s flat on March 24.

"I left a shop in Adzintsou Street and heard the sound of tramp behind. I turned back and saw several people not far from me. They seized me, hit me a few times aiming for the belly, put handcuffs on my wrists and a bag on my head. I was dragged into a car. I remember lying on the floor in that car or in the bus I was dragged into later. I was in the state of shock,” the activist said.

He spent 10 days in a KGB detention centre and was interrogated only five days after his arrest.


Kulinich’s criminal prosecution was stopped at the beginning of June.