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$55K collected for repression victims in Belarus


The civic campaign #BY_help has collected nearly $55000 over the past two months since its launch, the campaign coordinators announced on social media. 

#BY_help emerged to provide assistance to the detainees and all the repressed during street protests last earlier in spring. The organizers noted that they are "now shifting attention to the targeted assistance to the families of people arrested in connection with the so called "riots case". All those who approach us seeking support or willing to donate will be connected directly with the family," the campaign coordinators said.

Summing up the results after two months, the campaign said it collected $54840. Out of this amount, $18160 was used to support over 200 people who were detained or sentenced to administrative arrest (detention fees, defense lawyers, food parcels). The campaign used $11590 to pay administrative offence fines. $9840 was paid to cover legal fees in criminal cases. Assistance to the families of those arrested and food parcels amounted to $10 550. Additional $2000 will be soon spent on the same purposes. 

The remaining approximately $2700 are kept as an operational reserve for emergency support to the repressed.