3D printers serial production begins in Minsk

Photo: sb.by

The production of 3D printers will be launched in Minsk. Industrial and food models will be made at BNTU's technical park “Politehnik”. They will be twice cheaper than foreign analogues. 50 printers a month will be produced by 2018, Respublika newspaper reports.


Short-run production is the most popular sphere of 3D printers usage. Small sets of units and details can be produced in just a few days.

The developers are also planning to make a printer for the construction of buildings. It will be necessary to make an 8-metre machine for it. Special concrete material for this machine is being made at the building materials department of BNTU now. The university is developing the innovation on its own. Promising students have also been engaged in this work.

Photo: sb.by

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