20:03 New numeration is not a “numeral shock” for Belarusians


According to the press service of “Beltelecam”, the majority of Belarusians have learnt the new phone numbers of emergency and directory-inquiry services during the first ten days of April.
Fewer phone calls are made to the old numbers of ambulance and gas emergency service. "More than 140 thousand people dialled 103 while 45 thousands dialled the old 03 and more than 32 thousand people dialled 104 while only 19 thousands dialled 04", - stated the press service.

But there is a problem with the fire and police emergency contact numbers. According to the press service, the old numbers 01 and 02 are dialled by about 25-30% more people than the new 101 and 102.

”Beltelecam” press service’s statistics presented by “Interfax”.