$2000 is not enough for Belarusian artistes to give you company at a corporate party

The European Radio for Belarus gets an insight of how much it would cost you to have Belarusian star singers perform at a corporate party.

The question about the amount of money did not seem to be adequate to some of the musicians polled.

Ina Afanasyeva: “It’s an odd question. Do you thin that the European Radio for Belarus has to publicize my fees? If I tell you that my fee for singing at a corporate party is $50K, will you be satisfied? Just browse the web and you will get all the prices”.

Alexandra and Konstantsin duet: “Of course, I will not reveal you the amount, because I think it”’s stupid to read something like “Smolava makes Euro 5000”. It is ridiculous. The point is that the amount of money depends on whether an artiste has a big name or not”.

Some Belarusian rock stars cite commercial secret to decline a comment to this question.

Liavon Volski: “The cost is a commercial secret. Actually, I don’t deal with finances. You could call Anya (Volski’s wife and director), but she will hardly tell you. You know, there are some things like a revenue authority”.

Igar Varashkevich, KRAMA’s leader, burst out laughing when asked about the money.

“I won’t tell you (ha-ha-ha). It is top secret”.

Pete Paulau: “We play for $1000. It is small money. At New Year parties, we charge twice as much”.

DaVinci band: “New Year concerts cost $3000 and more. For ordinary parties, it depends on those who are booking us. If it is a close friend, we could play free of charge”.

Ok. It is more or less clear with the fees. Let’s find out who out of our music stars has the time and desire to present pleasant moments to you and your colleagues.

DaVinci: “We are totally booked, playing three concerts a day. On New Year’s Day, we will play at least six concerts. The schedule is full until January 12”.

Krambambula: “People start partying early in the month in order to avoid higher booking tariffs. Krambambula has been busy from December 1o through January 14”.

What about some rest for musicians themselves?

Ina Afanasyeva will spend the holiday at home. “I don’t perform in the New Year’s night. I think I can afford resting on this day”.

Zmitser Vaytsyushkevich takes almost no part in the New Year’s money-making race.

“I try to stick to my normal schedule: one concert per week, and I feel good about it. In fact, I celebrate the New Year at my country house”.

One more thing… It is fun to dance to Krambambula’s hits and sing “alcohol” songs together with KRAMA and cry listening to Vaytsyushkevich and fancying up oneself as “an over-aged lady”…And then you feel like sitting next to this star and have a shot together. But, not all of the stars will agree to share a holiday table with you.

Liavon Volski believes that musicians should not accept such propositions.

“Normally, we don’t stay over for the rest of the party. It makes no sense. And people understand that they should not force us into it. Of course, they do invite just to sound polite, but we never stay”.

BezBileta band too stresses their high-quality status.

“We never stay on for the remainder of the party. We are not interested in drinking and being party animals”.

Vaystyushkevich has a different take on that.

“If there is a god company and you know the people around, I would stay for a drinking and eating part”.

Now that you know everything regarding the cost of your favorite stars and their availability for your corporate parties, you have to make a choice.

Happy New Year!