18:39 Pitman dies in Salihorsk

A pitman died in a drift in Salihorsk on Monday. A sedimentary bed collapsed on the 48-year-old miner at depth of 575 meters.
ONT reports that at the beginning of his shift Mikalai Kisel informed the administration that it was dangerous to work in pit #78 because “the soil was crumbling there”.  But he was ordered to continue his work which led to the tragedy.

Results of the investigation of a special commission and the Emergency Control Ministry will be ready in two weeks. The work in the pit has not been stopped.

ERB talked to Mikalai’s friend – a miner who refused to reveal his name:

“I knew Mikalai very well. It is so painful when somebody dies and it is twice painful if you know taht person. And if you work together… Until sweating system doesn’t stop working… Have you ever been in a mine? Never? You are lucky! You should never go there.

Everyone says that “Belaruskalіi” and miners are like fat cats. But it isn’t true.

The fact that a man lost his life – what else is needed to understand? He was the family’s bread-winner and what is to become of his family now? This is the main enterprise in Salihorsk and there are very few other jobs you can do here.”