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17-year-old accused of organization of Minsk meeting (video)


When the spontaneous action with white-red-white flags ended in Independence Square, two policemen appeared and... revealed the organizer.

17-year-old Minsker Yahor Skrabneuski was accused of being the organizer. The young man had a huge white-red-white flag. A report for violating the order of organization of mass events was drawn up against him.


The policemen were resolute but non-aggressive. It was difficult to draw up the report because Yahor was surrounded by dozens of photo reporters.

The young man was made to get in the jitney Suharava-Railway Station parked near the Red Catholic Church for some reason. His documents were checked in the jitney. Then the young man was let off.


Yahor Skrabneuski is facing a warning or a fine of up to 500 base amounts (90 million roubles).