12 diplomats work in Belarusian Embassy to Brussels


If the relations improve, the number of diplomats will increase. Representatives of the EU Belarusian mission in Brussels were rather careful giving comments on cooperation to Belarusian journalists at the press conference: “This is a development phase of the partnership”.

According to a representative of the EU Belarusian mission in Brussels, the majority of relations and dialogues were initiated by Belarus. It is planned to start exchanging preliminary information about things transported across the Belarusian border soon.

The thing is, both the EU and Belarus have electronic systems of declaration. However, they are not connected. According to experts, the preliminary information exchange will reduce the time of queuing near the border from 3 or 4 hours to 20 minutes.

A similar project is being prepared in Russia. If it brings the expected result, the European Union may use it in other countries including Belarus.

Employees of the Belarusian Embassy to Brussels assured journalists that Belarus had welcomed the idea of “Eastern partnership” at the very beginning.

"However, “Eastern partnership” should not be considered a panacea. Furthermore, the level of Belarus’ participation in the programme largely depends of the EU, its readiness to include our country in the Partnership and its vision of Belarus in the programme”, - answered employees of the Embassy.

Answering the question about connections with a civil organization “Office for democratic Belarus” existing in Brussels, members of the Belarusian mission noted that they worked independently:

"The Belarusian President clearly expressed his opinion about mediums”, - stressed the employees.

In diplomats’ opinion, democratic changes in Belarus are not the result of any pressure of the European Union exercised on our country:

"The authorities are interested in the changes. Nobody conducts changes due to pressure. You should not imagine the scheme of cooperation to be as simple as “Brussels told us to do it and we did”.

Photo by chrter97.org