11029 PEs turn into PUEs

The deputy director of the business department of the Ministry of Economy Yuahen Syamyonau does not think that entrepreneurs have ignored decree #302. He says that the reregistration as private unitary enterprises is going on normally.
Yauhen Syamyonau: Out of 64110 private entrepreneurs having employees about 47740 thousands are planning to hire their relatives. So it turns out that 57 thousand entrepreneurs have already taken their decision and the others are still hesitating about the form to chose – a limited liability company or an additional liability company.

There are 203 thousand registered entrepreneurs in Belarus. It turns out that 139 thousand entrepreneurs are working on their own. However, the Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs says that the number is too high: they think that only 70% of entrepreneurs (about 142 thousands).

The department of business of Minsk City Executive Committee worked till 8 p.m. on Saturday (the last day when private entrepreneurs could register as PUEs on preferential terms). The head of the department of registration and licensing of the Economic Department of Minsk City Executive Committee Dzmitry Antanevich told ERB that the number of entrepreneurs who came to them during the last two days was equal to the number of entrepreneurs who turned to them since it was announced that they would have to create unitary enterprises.

Dzmіtry Antanevіch: 2773 entrepreneurs have sent appeals for reregistration in Minsk. However, only 500 PEs have already turned into private unitary enterprises. Those who wanted to change their status have already done it.

ERB wondered whether it was possible to prolong the term of registration on preferential terms. Dzmіtry Antanevіch answered:

Dzmіtry Antanevіch: I have no information about it so I will not comment on it. The only thing I can tell you is that there are a lot of know-hows aimed at simplification of the reregistration according to decree#302: reregistration of shops and licenses… Probably the government will listen to people and do something to change decree №302 and use our ideas.

The head of the department of registration and licensing if the Economic Department of Minsk City Executive Committee Dzmіtry Antanevіch thinks that our country has created all the good conditions for private entrepreneurs to work here. However, an adviser of the International Financial Corporation Valery Fadzeeu has an alternative point of view on the problem. They have conducted a comparative analysis of activities of private entrepreneurs in different countries and concluded that Belarus was the only country to have such a rule about hiring employees.

Valeryi Fadzeeu: We conducted surveys in the most economically developed countries like Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Denmark and Norway. None of them have such limitations on hiring employees like we do. Of course officials did something to simplify the life of entrepreneurs when they adopted the law on private unitary enterprises. However, everything got crossed out…