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FM: Belarusians will learn Polish to watch Polish TV


Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski has commented on the future of the Belarusian-language TV channel Belsat again. Poland will reduce its financing because 'there is no money for this initiative,' he told RMF FM. Poland has other problems like Syrian refugees that need to be solved, Waszczykowski reminded.


“You would like to address Belarusians with the help of TV Polonia, in Polish. It may seem strange, but not all Belarusians can understand Polish,” the journalist said. "Well, they will learn it,'' the Minister replied.


During the interview, Witold Waszczykowski also recalled his recent visit to Belarus. He said he was impressed by the order in this country. North Korean streets are cleaner, the presenter retorted.


The Polish authorities are planning to reform their foreign-languages broadcasting because they doubt its efficiency (including Belsat that has existed for 10 years but ‘has not affected the situation much’). The new TV projects will be aimed at Poles living in Belarus and at people wishing to learn Polish. The Belarusian authorities seem willing to add the channel to the cable networks. A public campaign in defence of Belsat has been underway in response to such plans.

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